Mortgage for a foreigner

Mortgage for a foreigner - it is possible

A foreigner obtaining revenues in currencies other than PLN, in some banks have a chance for a mortgage. Such a person, however, must meet several conditions determined individually by banks.


After the Polish accession to the European Union there has been increased interest in the real estate market by foreigners. They can be divided into two groups. The first is the people who live and receive income in Poland (residents). The second is the people who live in Poland, but the income gain abroad. For those in the second group, banks are rather reluctant. You can, however, observe that financial institutions increasingly see the foreigners as potential buyers of their mortgage products. Some of them even provides instructions for credit and bank forms in English. Regardless of the group to which the borrower, together with the loan application will have to submit financial documents borrowers and the real estate. Some banks also require information from a foreign counterpart Polish report BIK.

List of documents depends on the place of work and residence of the borrower. If the person applying for the loan has lived and worked abroad for the loan application should include: a contract of employment, proof of income by the employer, having the character of a tax return income tax return and the history of the bank account for the designated period.


It should also be noted that the procedures for citizens of countries belonging to the European Union are somewhat simplified. This is due to the fact that the citizens of other countries must prove their right to reside in Poland, and also often provide authorized the Ministry of Interior Ministry to buy a home. The smallest trouble getting a loan foreigner encounters obtaining income in Poland. In the vast majority of cases, banks will treat that person the same as a Polish citizen.


The selection of tenders should be aware that each credit application is considered individually. The Bank has the right to judge a person from abroad as a client at increased risk. In this case, the credit may be negative, or conditions - much worse.


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